Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Quieting

This world—the hum and the buzz, 
The blinks and nods, the tweets and thumbs up, 
The constant checking in and endless replies,
the market reach and data analysis,
connect and consume,
the them and me,
the forgetting and not completing,
not comprehending, misunderstanding, misunderstood,
the losing track.

What is important?

No time. My time. What time? Our time.
The bunny stops.

A deep, profound, life halting moment, a turn around, a letting go, a forgetting.

Take a Stand

A breath, 
An other. 
In deep, 
Out deep.

A quieting...
The stillness...

First all that connects the body:
the lungs, 
the fingers, 
the toes, 
the calves, 
the forearms, 
the knees, 
the biceps, 
the shoulders, 
the pelvis, 
the hips, 
the waist, 
the torso, 
the heart, 

Finally wrestle the restless mind, 
Endless questions,
the buts,
and the you forgots,
and the then agains,
endless, endless, endless rememberings and what ifs?????

(the scream — the plea) 
Be here.
Be here.
Be here.
A lullaby. Hush little baby don't say...

Breathe. Again. Deep. Full.

and then the great

the small

the unnoticed

the only

I am.

(Fill your screen...listen...breathe)

With thanks to the 2013 Images and Voices of Hope summit that explored "restorative narrative". http://ivoh.org/exploration-of-restorative-narrative/