Digital Work

"Soul Language" cover illustration for book of same name by Joan DeMarle-Oberlin
I've been a digital artist since 1985. After graduating with an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology, I became a creative director at Adam Communications in Rochester, New York creating graphics on systems that no longer exist (ever heard of Dicomed, Artronics, or Genigraphics?) and eventually the first Apple Computers. There I worked with clients to include Xerox, Kodak, Chase, and the University of Rochester creating graphics and multi-image shows for print, advertising, and trade shows.

"High Mobility Ultra-thin Semiconducting Films Prepared by Spin Coating" cover illustration
Moving to Vermont I began my own freelance business. From 1990 until 2006, I worked with clients to include IBM Research, General Electric/General Dynamics, Lotus Corporation, NRG Systems, National Life, Sensormatic, Vertek, University of Vermont, and Vermont Magazine. I was able to work on the cutting-edge using the computer graphics to create 3D and 2D animations, video graphics, interfaces, CD interactives, early web design, print, and identity systems.

Still from "Superlattices Organizing in Solvent" for IBM
Putting my skills to solving complex design problems, I particularly enjoyed what I learned form my clients. Collaboration has always been key in my professional life. I grew intellectually creating scientific animations with Mike Ross and Jim Wilkinson-Ray from IBM and Allen Jones from General Electric, product animations with Marianne Eaton of Country Home Products, PSA's with the folks from Lake Champlain Productions, and interactive programs/interfaces with Andrew Dombek of Lynx Systems and Ken French of Ken French Media.

Superlattices: Self-assembly, 2003, for IBM

Nanotubes, 2003, IBM (3D and After Effects)

Water Chestnuts, 2002, produced by Lake Champlain Productions
 for VT Dept. of Environmental Conversation 
(note old school animation aka pre-rigging animation)

I still enjoy "painting with pixels". Though now I clearly see how each toolset influences the art. Digital art is as much about the artist who creates it as the programmers who created the software used and the hardware designers who build the platforms. Silent partners, the choices of each create the outcome. Currently I am very intrigued with the possibilities presented by mobile for drawing, painting, and creating interactive experiences. I've been creating drawings and paintings with the iPad and iPhone preferring different apps for creating on each. With merely my finger as the drawing tool, I love the rapid fire ability to draw and paint anywhere at anytime and then share immediately.

2015 Cell Phone Drawings California and Family

2015 Cell Phone Drawings China

2015 iPad Paintings from Images and Voices of Hope Summit

2014 iPad Paintings from MenEngage Global Symposium

2014 iPad Paintings from Images and Voice of Hope

2012 iPad Paintings (using Paper by Fifty-three)
In Pursuit of Beauty
A Quiet Night
Long Night Ahead, DC
What Do You Think?, Burlington, VT
Lunch in a Foreign Land, Firenze, Italy
Roxie and Bucky
Birds in Spring, Central Park, NYC 
Louie and Roxie
Forest Wall, VT
Tuscany, Italy 
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Liberty: Hotel Concert, Viareggio, Italy 
Liberty: Hotel Concert, Viareggio, Italy
Lois Price at the Liberty: Hotel Concert, Viareggio, Italy
Liberty: Hotel Concert, Viareggio, Italy
2012 iPhone Art (using Sketch Club)

On the Subway, DC

Taxi Ride, DC
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, DC
Drive, Vermont

Kayaker, VT
Trees, Tuscany, Italy
Trees, Tuscany, Italy
Farm, Tuscany, Italy

Tree, Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany, Italy
Waiting at the Station, Italy

Computer illustration (using mostly Photoshop)

Used to Wait

Between Intellect and Intuition
Love Walks In



  1. Hi, Ann --

    Found your blog on Linked In. Love all the artwork but really found the work you did using the iPad incredible.


    Dick McCormick

  2. Thanks Dick! I'm really enjoying the freedom of the iPad and iPhone. I feel as if I have a sketch pad or watercolor paper with me at all times.Just imagine what we could have done together in the early Vertek days with these tools!