Thursday, June 5, 2014

Final Impact

Chihuly Garden and Glass museum in Seattle. Photogravure by Edward S. Curtis

Time runs through my fingers like tears beneath a veil
Counting forward
the way my father predicted our future
sliding rule in hand precisely measured:
pool, bubble plastics, candles, obesity, saccharine, space travel, melting ice caps.

Here am I caught in day to day
Year end reports, performance reviews, annual goals
Weeks spent reporting to the past - - - -
while ice melts, fires burn, air poisons.

The future hurries forward forever 
as bored meetings
determine unfathomable horse races.

Where next?
Time counts forward in logrythmic functions. 
Pinocchio on the stage
Holding on to strings
nose grows, donkey ears sprouts, braying forward,

When does the path tear open the veil?
When will the timid stamp finality?