Saturday, May 15, 2010


Here I am in Milan and art surrounds and engulfs. Step in a door of an old church and one is amazed by the genius of the spaces. Here though it isn't just the antiquities, but also the modern—the Roman arches from BCE and Romanesque churches next to graffiti and billboards and doumos from 400AD next to LED billboards with images updating by the minute.

Then narrow streets where designer clothes sit next to knock-offs next to exquisite art supplies next to beautiful art galleries. If I have time this week between flights or after work I hope to post more of those photos—or at least on Facebook. Artistic point and counterpoint all in everyday scale. My only question what do we pass forward 400, 1000, 2000 years from now?

To end I humbly wish to follow in an old tradition and post the tryptic—the three paintings I completed as a set. Actually they are 3by3by3 or 27. As individual panels, or as sets they seem to stand on their own. How about virtually in a column?


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