Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Push the Shadows Back

"Fight the darkenss. Fight.
Let the night not rise.
Push back the shadows
with tearless eyes."
—Madeleine L'Engle, excerpt from "Rachel: Birthing Benjamin"

Finally I'm back painting! It is difficult when in one's mind there are paintings waiting to be borne yet life (even though deeply satisfying) pushes back and leaves no time. Finally they must become. In this case there were two more waiting after the completion of the last. All in the same square format. All inspired by birthing, by maternity, by the birth of flowers, and of Jim and my experiencing water in an entire new way through kayaking. Through the flow of Champlain and the Winooski and other Vermont water bodies, I understand Siddhartha at a deeper, physical level. Water—the giver of life.

Today I bought 7 more canvases. In two other formats. Already they are taking shape in my mind's eye.

The start of a painting can be so mystical. The fluidity and ease.
Though needing a greater depth and richness, in many ways the painting calls out "stop, leave me, I am perfect as I am".
Such is life as well "stop, we are perfect as we are. Perfect in our imperfection, in our trying to become, in our innocent becomingness."

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