Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jet Lag and Water on Mars

Shanghai 2014
Jet lag.

Finally, as you predicted, they found water on Mars. And yes the planet is getting warmer. Water resources are indeed our salvation. May I add reducing population?

Crossing the time zone twice in 5 days. Half way around the world and back again. 360 degrees and I have forgotten what day I'm at. All my digital devices disagree and my body makes no sense. Or is it nonsense?

I am too old for this. Past half a century. I remember hitting a quarter of a century and all the world lay wide open. Like a spring day between the snow and the first crocus.

But here I am up pushing against 60. Not quite yet but close enough. I can hear the sirens' call and the giggle of the 10 year old. Run. Run faster. No perhaps slower.

In the past 20 years, Shanghai has gone from muck and mud to the largest, most electrifying city in the world and the girl from the swamps of Rochester finds herself there. Rochester. Borne of muck and mud herself, once the capital of the industrial-high tech world - now dis-eased.

Here I find myself. But where are you? The future called your mind - and through yours mine. You opened wide the vista and taught me how to predict. A divining rod for the planet. But then?

Into the stars I look for you, and into each spring bloom. Someday perhaps?

Rochester 1964

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