Wednesday, May 18, 2016

For a young woman whose father is ill

Tragedy strikes on its own whim
after a lifetime of threats
and then whoooosh
like a sled on a snowy dark mountainside
it takes off

even he who wished to fly and never return.

Be like that rider, dare, challenge, curse the sled.
But take care not to blame
the cold
or the dark
or burrow too far into the snow
life's crystalline fragility.

forgive forget
and then fall exhausted into the arms of those who love you.

Don't resist, don't hold in, or hold back.
Everyone soars and everyone falls
deep, deeper still and then
once more
down Alice's rabbit hole
and into unseen light.
Their light.

There is only so much one can do
on someone else's journey.
Except perhaps step aside
and marvel at the shadow and the light.

And then dance your dance
and fly your flights
and hold open your arms
so others can come inside.

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