Monday, March 7, 2011

Inside and Outside

It is a HUGE storm in Vermont today! A major event that we have been planning for was just canceled. It is very hard to believe this winter will ever end. It is one of those years that will go down in my memory books for snow accumulation.

But what it has me contemplating is the differences between inside and outside. As a painter this topic has always been one of my favorites to explore. My entire MFA thesis revolved around it. Where are the boundaries and what is the truth? Existentialism has always provoked my thinking and now modern day thought in physics such as M-theory seems to blur edges further.
Today's storm provides a perfect visual for my home's internal and external life and a perfect metaphor for myself.

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  1. Nice post, Ann. Love the juxtaposed photos at the end, and dig how you relate the simple reality of nature to something broader. Ha - Just as I wrote the previous sentence, some birds chirped outside.