Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August Paintings

Though I've been from Boston to Rochester to Vancouver and then to Maine this month, it has been a surprisingly productive painting month. My head has been buzzing with thoughts. Travel and being with my daughter, my parents, family and my friends have me thinking about some of the bigger life questions.
Home by the pond
I've completed two small canvases. Another larger painting is in the works. And I completed a bunch of small oil "sketches" while in Maine. My head is brimming with ideas for both canvases and an interactive concept. Some of these will need to wait until the cooler indoors months.

The outdoor "studio"
Reading - especially Kathleen Norris's "Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and A Writer's Life" and listening repeatedly to Springstein's "The Rising" have been part of my inner dialogue with the events of this month.
From the deck of the Maine
I'm entranced by the lovely colors and light of Vermont's verdant summer and I hated disrupting the painting I was doing in July but travel has been good too. SIGGRAPH reminded me about the potential of digital art in the modern world to make meaning. There I was struck by the projected piece "The Garden of Error and Decay" (http://www.gardenoferroranddecay.net/). To read some other highlights look to this brief review of the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery http://us.aving.net/news/view.php?articleId=205637&Branch_ID=us&rssid=naver&mn_name=news Likewise visiting traditional galleries in Maine helped me feel excited about older mediums and their longevity and influence.

Liz Painting in Maine
Two distinctly different artist friends have also inspired me. Spending the week with Liz Coyne in Maine (check out her incredible paintings here http://elizabethcoyne.com/), opened my painting up considerably. We checked out galleries, spoke with people who loved traditional art, and found marvelous books in independent used and new book stores. We began each day drawing and painting.

The late July visit from my dear friend Patrick Fortier, Julie Anne, and his family was brief but also inspiring in a different way. Pat is one of the most insightful and inspiring game designers I know. He shared some cool small games to include this little gem Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure http://www.ponycorns.com/ . Our late night campfire discussion was fuel to my art soul and gave me inspiration that makes me excited for the fall and its potential. Below are my Maine sketches that I wish to take further.

The Maine oil "sketches"

What I forgot to tell you I and II (above)

Divided: Air, Water, Rocks (above)

Morning Stars I and II (above)

Bird Sketches I and II (above)

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