Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I am here. A place I have not been for three years. A place I called home for 20. Not that I've lived here. Never have. But for 20+ years I would stay for weeks on end with my former husband. It is the end of the world for me. A place where the stars meet the earth. You can look out here to a place where god kisses the planet, the sky and the water become one and there is no division of atoms, form, or time. It continues on regardless of who owns the property. The buildings slowly through one hundred years become one with the ocean breeze and the the muted granite, disappearing into time...families long gone.

A long, long drive to the end of the continent. Trees become stunted and form a hypnotic line. Then the bridge and the ocean pulls me in. Comorants spread their wings like Christ on the cross. They waiting for their time to fly.

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